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Well, I've been so caught up in the house stuff and other things, that I have fallen woefully behind on my friends list/reading list/social media. So instead of staying up until 2am trying to skim your posts, I'm just starting from today. Sorry about that. I still haven't found a balance between my new home on DW and keeping up with LJ people who didn't switch over and apparently I've just stopped checking everything because of it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This Friday we're going to see The Aquabats which is a band I wish I had known about sooner because they are just so geeky and fun. Their TV show is on Netflix now and we binge watched the first season and while we were doing that, they announced a tour so we thought WHY NOT? I mean, Weird Al makes an appearance in their show, they are clearly meant for me.

Also this Friday the contractor is coming out to rip up the wood floor in the kitchen and see if they can dry out everything enough to install new floor soon. We're going to go with porcelain tile. We figured for a room with three water sources, tile was better than wood. And really the only downside to porcelain is if you drop something on it, that thing will break. But I'd rather replace a mug than a floor.

Tim got me hooked on Gwent again. I hadn't played since it was in closed beta, but now it is free to play, open beta. I feel like I'm getting the hang of it but we will see how long that lasts LOL. It's like Hearthstone but a little bit more complicated? I still need to finish the first Witcher game. I really like the story, but it's sooooo clunky because it is soooo old. I could just jump into the second game, but I've got to be close to the end now so why give up?

We finished season 1 of The Expanse but Season 2 isn't on Prime yet and OMG THE CLIFF HANGER!!! I'm hoping one of the nearby libraries gets the set soon so I can request it. Or that Prime gets the second season...but I doubt that will happen until Season 3 starts up :(

I'm about halfway through BBC's Victoria because the library DVD finally had no requests on it so I could keep it for longer than 7 days. I'm enjoying it but I think part of that is my fondness for Rufus Sewell. I do like Jenna Coleman, even if I wasn't a huge Clara fan. She is working for me as Victoria.

OH and I finally watched a few episodes of Gravity Falls and I ADORE IT SO MUCH! Why was I not watching this before??

hmmmm...this makes it sound like I've just been watching a lot of TV instead of reading your posts...not entirely true but I suppose not entirely false either. Sorry about that.

Okay, I should probably sleep now...
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For those that have been following me for a long time, you guys know that I own the Sims 2 game and I talk about it once in a while around LJ (less DW as it's newer but still!) but I barely post about game play or pictures and such.

To be honest, in all the years I've owned the game, I spent most of my time downloading custom content, organizing the downloads folder, building and decorating and creating sims than actually playing at all. Oh, and I have redone my downloads folder about a billionth time, too. And I am in the process of doing just that again *laughs shyly*

Back in the day, let's say maybe 4 years ago, I decorated two neighborhoods completely and was extremely proud of them. I also recreated a neighborhood from another player... attempted too anyway, considering I was basing it on her on pictures and many things were not pictured or blurred or half hidden and I believe I did a good job anyway. Most of the pictures are broken now but I managed to save as many as I could to my computer (yeah, I know, I shouldn't but... I am not gonna get arrested for that, right. Also, I don't think she's online and playing anymore anyway!).

Sadly, I had an issue with the game somehow that made me lose all of them a while back (that required reinstalling one expansion. I actually lost all the neighborhoods and sims I had created actually and so, I would have to start from scratch again. I'm not sure I want to anymore... maybe... I mean, I spent so much time on them and to lose them the way I did... *sigh*

And so, I got these neighborhoods and houses I was extremely proud of and... all gone...

See the neighborhoods (2 of the 3) I am talking about and some extras )

I cannot wait to be done with re-arranging the downloads folder. Hopefully, it's gonna be the last time I do it. Adding to it, sure, that will happen, but re-doing it... hoping I never have to anymore.
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The other day, I started watching 13 Reasons Why and hadn't it been from work and every day life, I would have been done with it since I am basically marathoning it. I am halfway through it... Jessica's party.

I don't know how many of you did watch or are planning on watching it but so far, I like it. I do have an idea on certain things that are gonna happen and, to tell the truth, I was surfing for something else and got spoiled a little bit on something, which makes me a little bit mad but... you know... nobody did spoil me; it's all me *laughs*

Anyway, like I said, I like it so far. Intriguing.

... my life is my message...

Jul. 14th, 2017 04:49 pm
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I've seen this pop up a few places and I thought it was interesting.

Let me explain what I'm talking about.

LJ/DW has this Interests section in the profile, and I think that's awesome but what I have seen here and there (not on DW or lj necessarily) is people post a jumble of pics of things they like and such.

Example: liking dogs, exercises, music,... they would have pics of each.

I have been thinking about doing that for myself. I have no clue if I'd only make a post about that or include it in my profiles or both but I like that idea.

Surely I'm not the only one that has seen that?
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I try to not get too political here, but this is something near and dear to me. Public media needs support from YOU right now. Email your Congress-person with this handy form to let them know that access to public media is important for all Americans, not just ones that pay for cable or live in certain areas.

Takes just a moment -
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I was searching for something totally random online while killing time at work and I stumbled upon a gif of a movie I haven't seen in ages and that I really like.

Yep, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead.

It is not the greatest movie of all time but what a lovely movie none the less.

I wonder where the actors are now and what they look like, too.
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Went to the thrift store yesterday after work with the craving to buy clothes.

I always check out the books section in hopes of finding good ones and the last one in the Mortal Instruments series.

Low and behold, after having searched for 5 months+, I found the last chapter in the series yesterday. In the right edition, too.

I had talked about wanting the entire series to be in the same edition exactly even though the story inside is all the same no matter what book edition it is. It completes the series better that way in my opinion.

Finally, my search is over!! Woohoo!! It was so hard to get my hands on that book for some reason. 2 different Value Villages, too.

Now I just need to pick book 4 back up to continue reading it.


What was your first kiss? ;) by [personal profile] penderies on lj.

OMG! That was a long time ago. Obviously. Hum... if memory serves me right, I got my first kiss pretty late. Like I was in my twenties. No kidding. I've been a late bloomer for a tons of things. I believe this was my first.

I was working at Sears, the parts and services department. With JP and a bunch of other people, of course. No, it wasn't JP though I developed a crush on him at the time. His name was M and he was close friends with JP and one day he asked me out. Not as blatant as that but we ended up going out a few times and we kissed.

I remember a specific day where we did a motorcycle ride. His. We ended up at a park in Longueuil, beautiful sunny day and the only thing really on our minds was what was happening in NY. Yep, the date was September 11th, 2001.

Okay, no we didn't kiss that day but it was when we had started going out with each other. I don't quite remember exactly when it was that we first kissed but I remember it was with him. I have to admit I was a bit confused and didn't know how to act around him. Especially because I had told him I had a crush on JP... you know... I did get to meet his mom and all and I remember being nervous. Oh, that's it. I think it was the day I met his mom that we kissed that first time. Hey, it was in 2001, give me a break okay?! *laughs*

My crush on JP never let on all the while working at Sears. My feelings never developed for M. M was actually crushed that I couldn't return his feelings but then he moved on and fell for another girl working there and they were a couple for many years... until she played him (don't have the whole story there but it's JP who told me since he and M talk still).

Anyway, yeah... that was it. Nothing too special about it. And I wasn't all that young or anything. I didn't have any butterflies in the stomach or anything. Nothing all that exciting come to think of it. Nothing to go to mommy or your friends and be excited about, really.

So, that's it for questions received. Please, feel free to ask me some. Anything, as many as you want :)
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Next Monday evening, I am going to see Queen + Adam Lambert in concerts.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!

Got to see them back in 2014 and the show was amazing then. I know it's gonna be just as awesome this time around. Back then, we didn't know they would still be touring 3 years later so it was a once in a lifetime kinda deal but this time, it's just a little treat to us fans of Queen and/or Adam Lambert.

I may not own and know all of Queen's songs but I don't really care; they are legends.

And Adam Lambert, well, you know... those who have been following me a long time know how obsessed I was with him. That obsession kinda died down a bit but I will never deny my love for the guy. I just wish he would do an actual rock album. Hell, he's got the voice for it. Proof with his non official album released and his touring with Queen and all. I mean, he's got the voice for everything basically but... you know... he's due for a rock album for himself. We need it!!

I cannot wait. I will be listening to them all week. And I managed to find the setlist for this tour so I created it in Spotify :) :p


What was your most recent dream? by [personal profile] ragnarok_08 on lj.

Since that question has been asked, I've had other dreams. The most recent being today (well, the night between yesterday and today/very early this morning). I dreamed of P. Kind of a weird dream, too. He had a new girlfriend (yes, because he actually broke up with the bitch* (or she broke up with him, whatever!!)) and we were friends... kinda sorta... and I don't really remember the details clearly from the dream but the new girl was blonde. And there was a question of them wanting a house and I happened to have a couple available (though I wasn't a realtor) and they were really interested in visiting one and buying it if they liked it enough. The weird part coming is that the houses were Sims 2 houses but they were made real somehow.

That's the summary of the dream but it's basically what I remember from it. I do remember that I woke up and fell back to sleep and that usually means that if I dream again, I don't stay on the same subject but, for some reason, I kept on dreaming the same thing as if I hadn't woken up...

I do get weird dreams sometimes *laughs*

* those that are new to my flist, I have talked about P many times and things that happened with his ex-bitchface. She's the reason we're no longer friends and I kinda doubt we'll be friends again even though we do "speak" on FB some times. When I told him I wanted to patch things up, he said I should find a new job and move apartment (as it was planned), let things settle and see... and I had no clue what that had to do with anything and he gave me a weird answer (like letting the dust settle down or whatever). I knew we'd never get back the friends status as long as he was with her... If it hadn't been from her jealous-ass face, we would still be friends today. No clue when they broke up but they did. Not that I care that they did, you know. I knew it wouldn't last actually and I have an inkling he stayed with her to prove something but my not being there anymore changed things... Maybe, or not. From everything he said in while he was seeing her, it was always so-so but suddenly it was mad love and major serious projects for the future and everything (4 months into the relationship... Anyway...

So that was one question out of the 2 I got. Next one will be answered with another post I will be doing. If you have any other questions you would like to ask me, please go ahead. I don't bite. Seriously ;)


Jul. 11th, 2017 09:56 am
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Well, it has been a crazy few weeks. Wisconsin trip, our friend from Chicago flying out wit his 2 year old for the weekend and to top it all off, our dishwasher sprung a leak and destroyed the hardwood floor in our kitchen.

We are thinking we will replace the hardwood with something else - wood seems like a pain in the kitchen where water is always a factor. So I'm doing a bit of crowd sourcing here - what do you have for the floor in your kitchen? Pros and Cons?
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